Micro water jet cutting machine

MicroCut MJ/V1


Micro water jet cutting machine

Precise and resource saving

Micro water jet cutting machine

This micro-waterjet cutting system MicroCut MJ of the latest generation combines the high repeat accuracy and precision of direct drives with the smallest possible exterior dimensions. Unlike conventional cutting systems with the MicroCut MJ extremely delicate and complicated components in a variety of materials are easily able to be produced and with record accuracy. At the same time the integrated SmartCut-Software guarantees significant material, personnel and time savings. Hence the MicroCut MJ is the ultimate all-round solution for progressive miniaturization e.g. in the medical engineering, micro-electronics and sealing technology sectors.

Workplace with TAC
100x800x100 mm
Positioning accuracy
± 0,0025 mm
Repeat accuracy
± 0,0025 mm
2500x1950x2200 mm
Path accuracy on jet
± 0,01 mm
Travel speed
max 10m/min
  MJ V1
CNC control system NUM FLEXIUM    
Linear motor drives    
Direct absolute measuring system    
Machine frame with granite bed    
Safety housing with automatic door    
Laser positioning    
Precision clamping frame    
 Collecting tank in stainless steel with integrated rinsing device for discharging abrasive sludge    
Ergonomic control console    
Control system with air condition     
Computer with 20'' LED monitor, keyboard and mouse    
Waterjet Software SmartCut for creating and processing your cutting data    
Waterjet cutting valve, abrasive and accessories    
Abrasive dosing until CNC with buffer    
Abrasive container 100 kg with mini-hooper pressure conveying system in the machine frame    
  • TAC cutting head for angular error compensation
  • Drill spindle for spod drilling multilayer materials
  • Hight scanner for recording elevation profiles
  • Abrasive system for flexible working