Modular system for



Modular system for

Reprocessing and abrasive recycling

Modular system for

Lower your operating costs and increase your profit. StM OneClean, the modular all-round system for recovery and cleaning of abrasive and water enables you to operate your waterjet cutting system even more sustainably.

The basic idea of StM to adapt waterjet‐cutting systems organically and modularly to the requirements of the customer in order to cut even more economically and efficiently as a result is apparent in all aspects of the OneClean system. The system can be put into operation with a small investment and expanded as required at any time.

Five modules related to one another enable the system to be adapted specifically to individual requirements. All modules of the OneClean-system are made up of high-quality branded components which StM helped to develop. A solid construction throughout together with a central frame of stainless steel and casing of aluminium guarantee maximum wear resistance and robustness.