Waterjet cutting machine

StM Cube

Waterjet cutting machine

Silent and safe

Waterjet cutting machine

StM Cube waterjet cutting systems have all the technical specifications of the EcoCut or MasterCut incl. a hood cover and thus providing even more safety and convenience. The capsule provides noise insulation, maximum safety and an ideal splash guard. It is thus the perfect system for e.g. research and educational establishments.

Travel speed
15 m/min
Position accuracy
± 0,1 mm
(per meter on 20°)
Repeat accuracy
± 0,08 mm
(per meter on 20°)
Z axis clearance
180 mm
  Width (x axis)  mm
Length (y axis)
  1.000 1.500 2.000
1.000 WS1010 WS1015 WS1020
  • experienced users, 1-2 shifts
  • expandable
  • multiple cutting heads
  • multiple Z axes
  • 2D / Angular error compensation (model 2019 and higher)
  • StM ONE Clean HF / WKS / ARS