Waterjet cutting service

In order to get the high precise and high quality cut, high pressure water in addition with abrasive sand gets in the contact with a material and makes a perfect cut.

In some cases, depending on the material thickness and hardness, it is enough to cut with only the pure water, for example rubber or foam.

We provide watetjet cutting service with the StM PremiumCut 1530 waterjet cutting machine with the following features:

  • cutting all the materials on waterjet machine with worplace dimensions 1,5 x 3m
  • "cold cut" - there is no heat treatment on the material, which means material structure stays the same
  • cutting up to 300mm thick materials
  • angular error compensation
  • 3D cutting up to 68°
  • laminated and multilayer material cutting, without delamination
  • pure waterjet cutting